The 5 Best Hair Dryers for Hairstyles 10 at Home

I know very well how annoying and boring it can be to walk with the same hairstyle always and more if our curly hair offers so many possibilities. However, if we do not have the best helmet dryer we will depend on spending a pastón and spending hours in the lounge.

The problem is that amateur options are reduced. A hand dryer does not leave so much shine and a diffuser can turn our head into a spongy tangle.

Therefore, I have dedicated myself to look for a best hooded hair dryers for home that I can install in my room to always be with fantastic curls.

What is the best helmet dryer?

There are hard, soft models, with their own heat source or that depend on a manual dryer.

These different styles can work to combine with moisturizing treatments or as roller fixers. The important thing is to be able to obtain a durable and uniformly hot material.

Therefore, a good hair dryer helmet, like the ones I summarize in this list, allows you to put large volumes of hair and tweezers, be semi portable and not take up much space. In short, it brings together all the best of heat and drying in the comfort of our home.

1. DB2000 BaByliss home dryer helmet

Transport the authentic hairdressing experience home. With this two speed speed and three temperature head dryer it is possible to make any hairstyle on all hair types. The best thing is that you have an audio assistant to play music from your phone.

2. Helmet dryer for domestic use LT 52 Efbe-Schott

This hair dryer cap combines the best of hard and soft models. The drying is smooth but uniform and does not damage the hair, it is ideal for when I have mistreated hair. Its hood is inflatable by itself without the need for a hand dryer.

3. Zero81 thermal hat

It is the cheapest model I have achieved with really good quality. Its polyester construction is resistant to heavy use several times a week and is quite comfortable to wear while doing homework. Also bring a cord around the head for a better fit.

4. Ionic helmet dryer HS 6780 Grundig

This design is novel in the market but has been quite successful because it allows a wider space. It seems ideal for use with turbans while dyeing or when we want large rollers for curly hairstyles to fit. In addition, it is super comfortable and simple to use.

5. Softhood Curlformers hood hair dryer

It works with a slow and uniform drying. However, it has a special position in my personal comparison because the brand has solved several problems. It has a cord around the neck so that the bell does not move and a silicone ring so that the hose is fixed to the dryer.

Recipes for beautiful skin

Sour milk versus cosmetics

My recipe is very simple: I remove cosmetics from my face with the help of cream or yogurt - it cleanses the skin well and makes it smooth. For hair, I also often use kefir masks - I rub them in my scalp half an hour before washing. And not any dandruff, but the hair is strong and shiny.

Ice wash

If you wash your face every day with cold water or wipe your face with a piece of ice from an infusion of herbs (parsley, chamomile, a string), then wash with warm water and once again cold (or ice), the skin will always be in good shape, wrinkles will not appear on the skin there will be a fresh look. After washing, use a daytime or moisturizer.

From wrinkles around the eyes

After morning and evening she began to do exercises for the eyes (eyes up, down, right, left, and around for 5 minutes), “crow’s feet” smoothed out, and the bags and circles under the eyes noticeably decreased.

Skin Nutrition

► Nourishing apple mask for facial skin. Grate a small apple on a fine grater, add 2 teaspoons of the cream that you use, whisk everything and apply mass on the face for 15 minutes.

► Warm mask for tired skin.I live in an industrial city and a huge amount of harmful substances floating in the air, constantly affects the skin of my face. Creams and various ready-made masks do not completely solve the problem. The best option for cleansing and moisturizing is the following: I soak 2 tablespoons of Hercules in 4 tbsp. tablespoons of warm milk. After about an hour, add a teaspoon of honey and a little lemon juice. It is best to carry out the procedure in the bathhouse, but you can do it at home - only the mask should be warm. First, I abundantly moisten the soft flannel tissue in the decoction of chamomile (flowers) and put it on my face for about 15 minutes - the pores open and disinfect. Then I put on a warm oatmeal mask. After 10 minutes, the dried and cooled mask can be moistened with the remains of chamomile infusion and a good massage of the skin with your fingertips (as when using a scrub), then rinse.

Christmas tonic

I have a corporate tonic, and pretty much “New Year’s”. Washed peels from about 4-5 mandarins pour a liter of boiling water and insist for about 25-30 minutes. Then filter and add 7-8 drops of cedar essential oil. You need to store the tonic in the refrigerator and 2 times a day with a chilly wipe the skin of the face and décolleté. It invigorates and refreshes instantly, and also gives elasticity! And what a smell .